Telescoping Warning Whips

SafetyWhips® Telescoping Whips are constructed of safe, non-conductive & adjustable Heavy Duty Fiberglass Whips for more Heavy Duty vehicle & equipment needs. Each whip has Sure-Lock Technology which contains 3 “locking sections” for adjusting heights. These 3 Sure-Lock collapsible and locking sections make it convenient for you to adjust your height of your whip as needed in any environment.  Standard whip lengths available from 11ft (3.35m) up to 15ft (4.57m) with various Accessory options available to customize your whip: Safety Flags, Mounts, LED Whip Lights

  • 3 Sure-Lock collapsible and locking sections to adjust your height of your whip
  • The Lock & SealSC3 & SC4 LED Whip Light Options:  The Lock & SealTechnology helps to keep out water and contaminants. Our newest LED whip light options with Lock-Seal Technology are available as the SC3 and SC4; or our SCM the MegaLite 2’ LED light.
  • You have your choice of lighting options, telescoping whip mounting options include the Hitch Mounts or Flat Mount, heavy duty flags made of high-quality Super Visibility nylon mesh flag made with or without 3M ® Scotchlite ® Reflective X.  SafetyWhips®   has the largest assortment of options for your base, mount, flag and lighting of your whip.
  • Telescoping Standard Whip Lengths: 8’, 10’, 11’, 13’, 15’, and 21’
    * Custom lengths are available upon request
  • Powered & Non-powered whips available
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


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