Super Duty All Weather™ Warning Whips

SafetyWhips® Super Duty All Weather™ Powered Warning Whips are safe & non-conductive, Super Duty All-Weather™ Fiberglass Whips are built to handle extreme environmental conditions that your vehicle & equipment may endure. These whips have added “locked-in” shielding components at top and bottom sealing against harsh environments, to ensure protection from corrosion & moisture for increased durability. This product is offered in Complete Whip Assemblies and as well as optional customization for your needs. Standard whip lengths available from 1ft (1.52m) up to 12ft (3.66m) with various Accessory options available: Safety Flags, Mounts, LED Whip Lights Super Duty SafetyWhips® have a continuous power cable which runs continuously thru LED light and hex base and extends 18”. This helps to eliminate connection failures due to corrosion or the entrance of contaminants into your fittings; as well as remove the chances of having any conceivable breaks in the internal wires. This will help to remove the chances of pinched wires, numerous solder joints, and hot plug power connections – all of which although convenient; can cause failure due to exposure can create a point of corrosion. Superior Fiberglass resin is safe and non-conductive as it is a premium heavy duty fiberglass coated with a 5 year finish off process to prevent any fiber bloom or exposed fiberglass slivers.

  • Powered with 1156 Type Socket and threaded hex base which is rust and corrosion resistant
  • The Lock & SealTechnology helps to keep out water and contaminants. Our newest LED whip light options with Lock-Seal Technology are available as the SC3 and SC4; or our SCM the MegaLite 2’ LED light.
  • You have your choice of lighting options, mounting accessories, heavy duty flags made of our high-quality Super Visibility nylon mesh flag made with or without 3M ® Scotchlite ® Reflective X, as well as an optional heavy duty spring mounting base.  SafetyWhips®   has the largest assortment of options for your base, mount, flag and lighting of your whip.
  • Super Duty All Weather Standard Whip Lengths: 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’
    * Custom lengths are available upon request
  • Weather Resistant continuous power cable from socket to base
  • Powered & Non-powered whips available on select whip options
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


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