LED Reflective Backlit Displays

NVIZN™ LED Reflective Backlit Identification Display options provide permanent, high visibility reflective Heavy Equipment Vehicle Identification Numbers or Message ensuring both day and night vehicle visibility whether your vehicle (and display) are powered on or off and provides enhanced LED backlit for best nighttime visibility.  LED Reflective Backlit Identification Displays are manufactured with the Heavy Equipment Vehicle Identification Numbers or Message as requested and cannot be changed (units are not programmable or interchangeable).  *See Interchangeable or Programmable LED options if interested in changing.



Determine your mounting and Distance Criteria (DC) requirements to guarantee you select the right Type, Size or a combination of multiple displays to safeguard workers and Site Management so they are easily able to identify unit number, unit status, speed limit, payload weight, or otherwise, from afar.

  • Single-Frame, 3-Sided Frame, and Vertical-Frame options available
  • You can Display up to 4 Characters:  Numeric, Alphanumeric Characters and/or Symbols
  • Single-Frame LED Reflective Backlit Sizes Available: 9”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 36”, and 52”
  • Designed for Larger Heavy-Duty vehicles and auxiliary equipment, and long-term use on sites
  • Built with high strength lens and Sealed to Ingress Protection Ratings of IP68 and IP69 for maximum protection to withstand industrial and commercial power-hose, steam-jet, or pressure wash cleaning
  • Mine-Tough Hard Anodized Black Aerospace Aluminum:  Black Solid-Sealed frames are built rock-solid to allow for operation in less than ideal weather conditions which provide the best color contrast and visibility.  Engineered Mine-Tough and lightweight for payload and installers.  *Custom color frames available upon request
  • Characters are not affected by altitude, temperature, or frequencies
  • Reverse Polarity Protected with Built-in Circuit Protection for over-voltage, voltage surges or spikes     
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & EASY TO INSTALL – Our rugged Mine-Tough Displays are easy to install and are 35% lighter than comparable displays.  NVIZN™ Displays are manufactured lean so the weight placed on the equipment is minimal at approximately ~20lbs or ~9 kgs
  • Low Power Consumption – Lowest Power Consumption in the industry prevents battery drainage, necessity for costly power alternatives, downtime, and repairs.  No need to install additional batteries and additional charging systems and maintenance
  • Operating temperatures ranging from -50C (-58F) -to +60C (140F)
  • Also available in either 110VAC and 220VAC upon request
  • Supply voltage 10VDC30VDC
  • 3M Diamond Grade Reflective Material is a high intensity reflective material that is easy to read whether the sign is powered or off for Day or Night Visibility
  • Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
  • NVIZN™ Industry Leading 5 Year Limited Warranty
NVIZN™ LED Reflective Backlit Displays:  (2) Single-Framed, 36″ high visibility Reflective Character (3M™ Fluorescent Yellow Green Diamond Grade™) Displays shown on a heavy duty mine support vehicle


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