LED Programmable Displays

NVIZN™ LED Programmable Identification Displays are the most efficient form of LED displays Driver Industrial Safety™ has to offer.  Recognized globally for dependability, high visibility, and programmable functionality.  Programmable displays provide the most robust and efficient solution to identify any vehicle or heavy equipment especially under extreme, low visibility weather conditions.  NVIZN™ products have proven to be the most visible enabling continuous Day and Night operation on countless mine sites with the luxury of no maintenance.  We offer up to (5) characters within our Single-Framed displays for users to efficiently program multiple numbers, letters, or characters and/or messages for required equipment identification.  Determine your Mounting and Distance Criteria (DC) requirements to ensure you select the right Type, Size or a Combination of displays to safeguard workers and site management so they are easily able to identify unit number, unit status, speed limit, payload weight, or otherwise, from afar.



Single-Frame displays featuring single digits or characters offer a great amount of mounting flexibility.  Combining multiple Single-Frame identification displays is highly recommended to increase your maximum vehicle distance visibility, site management, installation, and airflow requirements.

  • Display up to (5) Characters:  Numeric Only option; or Numeric and Alphanumeric Characters option – each Character locks into memory after setting up with magnetic switch
  • Single-Frame, 3-Sided Frame, and Vertical-Frame options available
  • Single-Frame LED Programmable Character Sizes Available:  9”, 12”, 16″, 18”, 24”, 36”, and 52”
  • Combining multiple Single-Frame Display Sizes:
    • Improve maximum distance visibility – you can see further on a job site with larger characters and increased spacing between displays
    • Large Displays 18” and taller are built as one Single-Frame Display per Character to allow mounting flexibility and improved airflow
    • Facilitate ease of vehicle installation
    • Facilitate needed airflow to equipment engine
  • Built with a high strength lens and Sealed to Ingress Protection Ratings of IP68 and IP69 for maximum protection to withstand industrial and commercial power-hose, steam-jet or pressure wash cleaning
  • Mine-Tough™ Hard Anodized Black Aerospace Aluminum:  Black, solid-sealed frames are built rigidly solid to allow for operation in unpleasant weather conditions and provide the best color contrast and visibility.  Engineered Mine-Tough™ and lightweight for payload and installers.  *Custom color frames available upon request
  • Characters are not affected by altitude, temperature, vibration, or frequencies
  • Advanced Technology for Maximum Visibility and 24-Hour use:
    • Locking Technology:  Once Programmed, powering the unit On/Off will not affect the characters saved in memory.  Characters are automatically saved in memory and will only change with magnet programming
    • Built-in “Photo Sensor” to automatically brighten for daytime use, automatically dims for nighttime use to avoid glare
    • Secure Protection Technology:  Advanced protection (running constant) against displaying incorrect characters to ensure safe operation on sight at all times
  • Reverse Polarity Protected: Built-in Circuit Protection for over-voltage, voltage surges or spikes
  • Low Power Consumption – Lowest Power Consumption in the industry prevents battery drainage, necessity for costly power alternatives, down time, and repairs.  No need to install additional batteries and additional charging systems and maintenance
  • Operating temperatures ranging from -50C (-58F) -to +60C (140F)
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & EASY TO INSTALL – Our rugged Mine-Tough™ Displays are easy to install and are 35% lighter than comparable displays.  Driver Industrial Safety’s NVIZN™ displays are manufactured lean so the weight placed on the equipment is minimal at approximately ~20lbs or ~9 kgs
  • Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
  • NVIZN Identification Displays® Industry Leading 5-Year Limited Warranty
NVIZN™ LED Programmable Display:  Single-Frame, 3 Digit 12″ Numeric with Green LEDs shown on a mine support vehicle


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