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Industrial Decals Co.™ (IDC)
Your One-Stop Shop for Safety
Equipment Identification, Industrial
Signage & Full-Service Custom
Printing Solutions.

  • Industrial signage and markings for multiple environments and surfaces
  • OEM graphics, decals, fleet install kits, data plates, control panels, metal signs, magnetic signs, banners, and large format printing
  • Pressure sensitive ID labels for indoor or outdoor us
  • Control Panels for OEM parts and electronic equipment
  • Corporate branding and marking part number management
  • Fleet graphics and fleet graphic marking kit management with install placement guides
  • Safety decals and signage for equipment
  • Hard Hat Decals
  • Custom printing of banners, wall graphics, dimensional and backlit signs, reflective perforated window decals, Exterior/Interior Signage available upon request
Featuring: Full Fleet Maintenance of OEM Graphics for all Empire Cat® Southwest locations

Industrial Decals Co.™ Full-Service Design, Production, and Install facility
located in Phoenix, AZ (USA)

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Industrial Decals Co.™ – When durability matters most.

The Industrial Decals Co.™ team of project managers know pressure sensitive adhesives and industrial markets, OEM graphics, and industrial fleet maintenance needs for markings. We have dived into materials to ensure we can advise and relay materials for vehicles, heavy equipment, aircraft, missiles, shipping containers and cranes, etc. So, in essence we handle it all planes, trains, and automobiles – and everything in between! To understand why that is important you must know what types of elements these types of markings are exposed to; and understand we have seen it all. We will ask you a variety of questions to try to uncover all needs. Corrosive materials, environments such as salt mines and salt spray, corrosive rain, shipping containers, excessive heat from missiles, you must disclose it so we can recommend the correct adhesive structure and material composition.

You name it, we have dealt and found your best solution for it. If we haven’t – we commit to finding new solutions and sending your engineering team an array of sample of materials to try out which will work based on your price range, term you want the marking to last for, and durability needs based on working environment factors, oils, fuels, UV rays and other harsh environmental corrosives the marking may be exposed to. If you want a good marking or sign for outside a memorial, or a piece of important heavy equipment, that will last decades – we got that too.

Kennametal® Defender Reflective Hard Hat Decals


High Perfomance, Heavy Equipment Identification Labeling for APM Terminals International Port locations

Count on Industrial Decals Co.™ to properly brand or asset tag your vehicles and equipment. We can handle most all of your needs with superior material knowledge which ensures increases end user satisfaction with the durability of the markings.

Industrial Decals Co.™ – Knows and Manufacturers
Industrial Strength Markings.

To know what you need quoted material wise for your project; there are some variables which must be answered prior to selecting your material to be quoted, mainly:


The durability of time wish marking to last in years (or months if short term project); temporary like magnetics or cheaper vinyl; or increased exposure harsh chemicals or harsh environmental factors like UV rays


The substrate to be applied to (if painted note type of paint); if flat, curved, or riveted surface


The harsh environmental exposures (UV, oils/fuels, Salt Spray, chemicals, etc.)


What do you want it to look like; quality of materials; whether to go data plate or decal; is all a matter of preference on company branding.


High Performance, Harsh Environment protected Identification Labeling for New Fortress Energy’s off-shore, heavy equipment Resource tanks across the globe.


High Quality, custom-designed Hard Hats for the graduating class of Del E. Webb School of Construction at Arizona State Univsity (ASU)


Interior-mounted, digitally printed reflective unit # window decals on
minesite support vehicle

Helpful Hard Hat Site Management Tool!

Hard Hat Safety – Ask about our CDL and Medical Certification Hard Hat Decals for work site management! See example below of how to use these decals; each year the driver will get a new company decal, write in the medical date; and put the pre-cut vinyl laminate over the sharpie ultra fine point marker to ensure it lasts thru out the year. You can obviously find various uses for this idea; but it has done well for safety on many work sites.

Examples of PULICE Construction Hard Hat Safety Certification Decals

Industrial Decals Co.™ – Types of work we can do for you.

Manufacturing Production Decals

  • OEM Control Panels
  • OEM Graphic Overlays
  • Data Plates
  • Name Plates
  • Product Identification labels
  • Warning Labels
  • Cut Vinyl Decals

Facilities Management Signage and Decals

  • Asset Tags
  • Property ID
  • Location and Container ID
  • Directional Signage
  • Motivational Banners, Posters
  • Safety Posters
  • Instructional Posters
  • Policy Signage
  • Hard Hat Logos
  • Hard Hat Safety
  • Merit and Qualification Stickers

ANSI, MSHA, NFPA, OSHA Compliance Labels

Labels for Storage, Shipping of Hazardous Materials

  • OSHA Signs, Labels, Tags
  • MSHA Signs, Labels, Tags
  • ANSI Signs, Labels, Tags
  • NFPA Signs, Labels, Tags
  • D.O.T. Labels (DOT labels)
  • Danger and Caution Labels
  • Hazardous Materials Labels
  • Packaging Labels
  • I.A.T.A. Labels (IATA Labels)
  • RTK Labels Shipping
  • International Labels
  • Military Standard Labels

Marketing Decals and Signage

  • Customer Affinity Decals
  • Branding for Vendors / Distributors
  • Vehicle Decals
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Vehicle Vinyl Graphics
  • Magnetic Door Signs
  • Banners
  • Pull-up Graphics
  • Window Graphics
  • Metal Signs
  • Illuminated signs and display. See NVIZN® Identification Displays

Getting Your Artwork to Us.

Industrial Decals Co.™ provides professional graphic solutions to help expand your brand identity
through the impact of creative messaging beyond all mediums. Grow your business with IDC!

Have Artwork? Click here to view IDC Artwork Guidelines

Industrial Decals Co.™ – We Know Our Stuff

Reflective, Light Refracting, Light Omitting, and Light Emitting Decals

Whether you want extreme reflective materials for your markings on site on vehicles and heavy equipment, a light omitting black out material for the window to your OEM solar control panel on a site, or a light emitting material for your electronic sign or project – our team of Industrial Decals Co.™ project managers are here to help with complex material selections. Many OEM and industrial markets require the use of reflective decals for being able to see at night, some require the need for some different scenarios such as light refracting, omitting, or emitting for many industrial and OEM applications. Reflective material is our number one needed decal material, everyone uses and likes them on everything – even hard hat decals! For best reflective unit number identification on heavy equipment – see our NVIZN Identification Displays® lineup which incorporates an LED sign into light refracting reflective for the best most visual sign day or night.

Property Asset Tags

Industrial Decals Co.™ understands all property must have proper asset tags to be able to effectively identify and manage your property and site. We have effective solutions from the most complex decal materials and data plates – to the most mundane short-term indoor decals.

Graphic Overlays and Control Panels

Industrial Decals Co.™ Control panels are used on a variety of OEM machinery and parts you may know of today. Industrial Decals Co.™ knows how to create control panel graphics from scratch. Clients either just send the artwork if configured and templated themselves already – or pay us to configure by sending us your control panel for templating. Often times a company will hire a graphic designer; but most graphic designers cannot competently template a control panel to the minute measurements needed for proper fit. This takes an engineering and printing skill to combine materials and graphic color overlays whether they be thermal or otherwise to work with your substrate, background color and such other nuances which may come into play.


Magnetics are a good way to give your outside sales representatives graphic identification on their vehicles without the need for permanent decal placement; or temporarily place an identification sign on any piece of equipment. Magnetic material is only guaranteed by magnetic manufacturers to last about one year; so this is a short term need and magnetics must be taken care of in order to maintain their effectiveness and not scratch or damage the paint on your vehicle. See our magnetic care instructions doc.

Fleet Graphics

We manage fleet graphics for our clients for various truck decal kits, and we can design and include installer placement instructions and diagrams to be used by end installers so the decal kit is placed properly and professionally each time Industrial Decals Co. mails out a decal kit for your truck or heavy equipment. See our “Why Wrap?” document for why advertising large scale via large format print is good for business and marketing. The same can go for properly outfitting your fleet with decal kits; we can outfit your fleet, make install diagrams for installers, and print and ship to installers in your area. Call Industrial Decals Co.™ today!

Large Format Printing – Mural and Wraps

Large format printing is available and with specialty industrial strength materials for expanded durability for real life use on oil riggers, rubber tire gantry cranes, planes, trains, and automobiles! You name it we can wrap it or large format print for it; with expertise knowledge on extreme durability materials. See our “Why Wrap?” document for why advertising large scale via large format print is good for business and marketing. The same can go for properly outfitting your fleet with decal kits; we can outfit your fleet, make install diagrams for installers, and print and ship to installers in your area. Call Industrial Decals Co.™ today!

Photo Metal Data Plates and Signage – Photosensitive anodized aluminum

Photo Metal is Photosensitive anodized aluminum, is also referred to as photo anodized aluminum, photo metal or Metal photo utilizes the absorbent nature of unsealed anodized aluminum to produce a sub-surface image or graphic, either through exposure and development of an anodic layer impregnated with silver compounds, much like traditional black & white photography, or through use of a process called photomask, in which the image is created through a variety of means, including any of the following methods: chemical etching, color addition or color subtraction. Industrial Decals Co.™ places you with a graphic and marking that can last up to 10-50 years dependent on the excess or lack of environmental conditions, abrasion, and chemical exposure.

Photo Metal Durability Characteristics Industrial Decals Co.™ provides a solution for durable UID data plates and decals.

Industrial Decals provides:
  • Label graphic design to meet needs as required in MIL-STD-130
  • Printed UID decal and data plate markings on extremely durable materials with:
    • Photosensitive Anodized Aluminum
    • Confimration and Substantiation of Labels
Anodic Layer

The glass-clear, sapphire-hard anodized layer resists chemicals, abrasions, and dirt.

Sealed Image

Black graphics are metallic silver particles that hold up to harsh environmental conditions.

Aluminum Layer

The rigid Aluminum base will not peel, crack, or delaminate.

Photo Metal Durability Characteristics

Photo metal anodized aluminum material delivers extraordinary durability under a wide-ranging variety of harsh environments with high temperatures, long term outdoor exposure, abrasion, salt spray and is resistant to most chemicals as well. Photo metal gets its durability from a unique technique which implants the image or graphic within a sapphire hard anodized layer. Photo metal is a well-known and recognized need for many OEM and harsh chemical needs military, aircraft, heavy equipment, and whenever appearance, legibility and longevity in harsh environments are important.

Advantages of using Industrial Decals Co.™

  • Expert knowledge on graphics and markings; expected to last several years or decades all through harsh weather, chemicals and corrosives, and UV exposure extremes.
  • Experience with decals and data plates which weather harsh and corrosive chemicals, abrasion from excessive industrial or OEM part wear and tear, environmental salt spray and corrosion as well as consistent UV exposure.
  • Care and install guides provided to help install and care for your graphics, even tab alignment for production to install consistently on your OEM products every time
  • Design guidelines supplied so you understand artwork and how to obtain and transfer it to us
  • Management and updates to your marking part numbers are kept securely and managed well for client management and re-prints

Industrial Decals Co.™ Your Industry Leader!