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 LED Identification Displays: Programmable
No other VIS Display Panels can Compete with Ours for Durability and Ease of Use.
LED Specs at a Glance

12 inch available in 2-Digits, 3-Digits,
and 4-Digits

Maintenance Free – Most Dependable in the Industry

Positively identify vehicles on the job-site

Bright and Rugged LED Displays.

VID’s beam through dusty air and weather.

Field Tested for Over 10 Years

New 5 character VID
w/ traffic alert system

  • Designed for 24 hour use: the Vehicle ID Display is programmed for brighter illumination in the daytime and a sensor dims the LED output for nighttime use.

  • Alpha-Numeric VIDs can be programmed for all numeric and all 26 alpha characters.

  • Once programmed, the numbers or letters use Locking technology and do not need reprogramming upon shut down and startup.

  • SafetyWhips has built-in Secure Protection technology. This insures safe-site operation by preventing VIDs fromdisplaying incorrect characters

  • Light weight and Easy to mount - VID’s can be installed by one technician

  • Tough and dependable, SafetyWhips VID’s come with a 5 year warranty

  • Super-sealed internally as well as externally. SafetyWhips VIDs are protected from dirt, moisture, high-pressure washing and vibration. External damage to your VID will not affect its continued operation.

  • Available in red, amber, green, blue LEDs.

  • Custom color frames available
Visit Backlit Vehicle ID Page

Visit Backlit Vehicle ID Page

Conveniently change the digits (1 to 9)
or characters* ( including all letters A - Z ) ,
using magnetic switches.
They stay set until changed again with magnet.

*on alpha-numeric models only
Backlit Vehicle Display
Visit Backlit Vehicle ID Page

VID Accessories Page

VIDEO of VID in Water Tank Demonstration

VIDEO of VID Display
Magnetic Character Selection

Standard 3 digit panel
(above Red w/magnet

Vertical VID
14 x 39 inches
26 lbs




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