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Heavy Duty LED WhipsNew Item!

SafetyWhips new Heavy Duty LED Whips
increase light duty vehicle visibility.


• Available in:
Amber, Blue, Green,White
and Red Colors
• Mine-Tough
• Rugged Polycarbonate Protection
• 12v or 24v Surge Protected
• Spring Mounted option for 4 to 8ft whips
( spring option alows easily bend to
90⁰ angle for storage )

shown with optional spring

LED lighting from bottom to top allows other drivers to identify operating
vehicles sooner. Color options provide site color choices and optional 
identification of job functions, contractors and site personnel. LEDs are 
protected with strong polycarbonate tubing for protection against impact.

Part Numbers:
4 ft
6 ft
8 ft
10 ft
WL04R-XY: 4ft RED LEDs
as shown with optional spring

First X in part number is for LED Color: A,R,G,B or W

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